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1. Introduction

Vibration healing sometimes referred to as Vibro-healing, Vibrionics or Vibropathy, simply means healing by means of a subtle vibration such as that which cannot in general be seen, felt or heard. Each substance, be it animate or inanimate, exhibits a unique vibration which comprises a radiation and a radiance. Radiation is an energy field that is physical and hence it can be observed, defined, analyzed and quantified. This radiation is a combination of heat, light, electro-magnetic forces etc. and can be measured using Kirilian Photography and more recently by using highly sensitive micro electro-voltmeters; radiation thus represents the material aspect of this field. The other component of this vibration of each substance or object is associated with unique consciousness, information, intelligence or thought, which represents the non-material aspect. One can also state that everything emits a radiance that is non-physical, and so it cannot be analyzed by physical means but may be perceived by man at the higher supramental level. Incidentally, this radiance is nothing but universal consciousness, which also impregnates the physical body and that is precisely the reason why all humans function in the same way. Each member of a family of things depicts a common characteristic, i.e. a similar energy pattern and this is so because they are characterised by a similar shape or form; hence different forms will have different energy patterns. Taking the example of a healthy internal human organ, let us say liver, it will display an identical vibration or the same energy pattern, no matter which human this liver is taken from, provided it is 100% healthy. This important discovery is in fact the key to vibration healing. If a diseased liver is analysed, however, its vibration will be different from that of the healthy one. By administering suitable healing vibrations to a patient, it is possible to correct the distorted energy pattern and bring the diseased physical liver into a healthy state. This in essence is the basis of how vibration healing works.

2. Principle of vibration healing

In order to understand the basic principle of vibration healing, one must first analyse the way in which disease manifests in a human body. Here I will introduce in very simple terms the concept of an etheric body, also referred to as etheric double, electro-dynamic, bio-plasmic or vital body. We have located along our spine seven major chakras or energy centres (also called centres of vital force) as well as a large number of minor chakras in our body. Each chakra is of course associated with and is connected to its corresponding physical organ by means of a nadi or an energy circuit. All chakras are also inter-connected with each other by means of these energy circuits. There is thus a network of energy lines running side by side with and corresponding to our nervous system and this comprises the etheric body, which intermingles with the physical body but appears similar to it. As the etheric body is intimately connected with the physical body, any changes in the etheric body will directly mirror in the physical body. The etheric body of a perfectly healthy person is in a state of equilibrium where all chakras rotate at their respective speeds and the amount of energy entering and leaving each of the chakras is equal. Let us now examine the process by which an illness sets in the physical body. When a person eats unhealthy food, breathes in polluted air or drinks impure water, the body is subjected to an improper vibration (since all substances possess a vibration). The same applies if toxins are released into the body due to autointoxication (when dead cells are unable to escape the body) or when the body is inflicted with emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, etc., since all these entities emit harmful vibrations. This will also be true when the mind is polluted by undesirable inputs through any of the five senses e.g. through the eyes when watching a murder/violent movie or through the ears when listening to evil stories or through the nose when smelling fragrances that arouse passion etc. This disturbs the equilibrium of the etheric body by bringing initially one chakra into a state of imbalance. After a period of time, which could be minutes or months, the physical organ corresponding to this chakra (to which it is connected) will become affected or be at dis-ease; this being the first physical event of the onset of a disease in the organ. The time lag between the manifestation of disease into the physical and the disturbance of the etheric body will be small in the case of a minor illness such as day to day cough or cold. However, in the case of cancer, this time lag could be months or even years. This is precisely the reason why cancer can be detected by vibro-practitioners and others well in advance of the first physical cell becoming malignant and the same has been cured by appropriately balancing the energies of the etheric body.

When one knows which chakra is out of balance, the same can be brought into a state of harmony by introducing into the body the vibration of the healthy organ corresponding to that chakra. Since the physical organ exhibits a vibration (one aspect of this vibration being the memory of the energy pattern of the healthy organ), the administered vibration acts on the chakra as a reminder of its natural state, thereby bringing the distorted energy pattern of the chakra into balance. The physical organ connected to this chakra takes care of itself i.e. it no longer remains at dis-ease and eventually gets cured. Remember, it is not the administered healthy vibration which is responsible for the cure but it is the memory of the vibration of the healthy organ or let's call it the natural healing power resident in the organ which effects the cure; the healthy vibration simply acts as a catalyst to awaken that healing power. It may be mentioned here that this awakening can be achieved by the control of one's unconscious mind. However, this is not within the reach of a common man although some yogis are able to accomplish this readily by means of intense concentration and holding an appropriate thought in their minds.

3. Radiesthesia

The technique of radiesthesia is often employed by vibro-practitioners in identifying a disease in the patient and in particular when the disease is still at the etheric level. Hence, the same cannot be detected in the physical body even with the aid of sophisticated medical diagnostic equipment available to man. This technique is sometimes also used when answers are sought to other questions related to healing e.g. in choosing a suitable remedy from a list or for deciding upon an appropriate dosage or the length of period for which a remedy is to be prescribed etc.
A human body is an example of living organic matter and its fundamental characteristic is its radiance. Living matter emits radiation and radiance. Whereas radiation is physical and limited by the speed of light, radiance is consciousness or intelligence and it is instantaneously transmitted everywhere. A mysterious synthesis of radiation and radiance results in a Divine vibration called life. When an emotion like anger, jealousy or love inflicts a human being, its psyche radiates an energy field, which can be sensed and analysed. However, this field cannot be perceived and analysed by matter ALONE i.e. a sophisticated instrument cannot determine whether an organ in the body is diseased due to humiliation experienced in the past or because of jealousy buried deep in the subconscious. But everything can be perceived and analysed by a being who has super-consciousness and sensitivity. So radiance emitted by a living being can be perceived by means of a simple vibrating resonance by another living being gifted with the same sensitivity. This sensitivity to the radiance emitted by the living is called radiesthetic sense and the process of utilising it is called radiesthesia; the latter is often practised with the help of a simple pendulum.

4. Radionics

Radionics is simply a form of vibration healing; in general terms, it refers to The Power of Thought. Thought is accompanied with a field that we call radiance or information. Man over the ages has understood that thought is at the heart of matter; he developed systems that created direct links between thought and its concrete realisation in matter. The procedure that was used to recreate the radiance or the field was named Radionics by the American chiropractor Ruth Drown in 1945.

Similar to the faculty of finding a mineral deposit or an underground water source from the vibration emitted by these substances and registered by a simple pendulum and by one's trained radiesthetic sense, we have the faculty to perceive a disease in a patient whom we are analysing, even in his absence. The radiance registered is only INFORMATION and in radionics we utilise a resonance box or an electro-magnetic wave analyser or a pendulum to sense the radiance but the real sense of radiesthesia comes only from a living faculty which by itself can perceive in totality. The information is perceived in the consciousness of the experimenter with thought as the instrument of investigation, utilising the faculty of extra sensory perception.

Nothing exists without thought, so one cannot escape the process of thought. The entire universe is immersed in a common fabric of universal consciousness (field of thought), so to perceive its radiance, it is necessary to be interested in it, to focus one's attention on it and to put oneself in resonance with it, because this fabric common to all things functions according to the same principle of resonance.

4.1 History of Radionics

A study of the history of radionics is a basic and essential step for the understanding of its aims and how it works.
Dr Albert Abrams MD, who is regarded as the father of radionics, was a distinguished medical practitioner and author of several medical texts. He is credited with the discovery of cardiac and pulmonary reflexes and this caused Sir James Barr, past president of the British Medical Association to describe Abrams as "by far the greatest genius the profession has produced for half-a-century."

In early 1900's, Dr. Abrams devised a very simple experiment in which a small aluminium disc was fixed to one end of a 6ft long electric wire whereas a large disc mounted on an insulated handle was fixed to the other end. The small disc was secured by means of a rubber band, to the forehead of a healthy subject and a technician behind a screen held the insulated handle carrying the large disc; a specimen of a diseased tissue was kept nearby. The healthy subject's abdomen was to be used as a sort of diagnostic sounding board while areas of dullness and resonance were mapped out, keeping in mind that the percussion of a healthy abdomen produces a hollow resonant note.

The technician pointed the large disc, effectively an electrode, towards the ceiling while Abrams percussed the healthy abdomen to establish the resonant note. Then, the technician moved the electrode above the diseased tissue without notifying Abrams. Immediately afterwards, an appropriate part of the abdomen gave off a dull sound on percussion. In this way Abrams established that there was a radiation (electrical in origin) emanating from the diseased tissue and it travelled down the wire to affect the nervous fibres of the healthy subject causing the muscle contracting reflex which was detected by the percussion of the abdomen.

Abrams then found that samples of different diseases had the same electrical effect on other zones of the abdomen, with each zone specific to a disease. Thus he developed an entire chart of zone reflexes corresponding to a range of diseases; the position relating to a specific disease was indeed very precise.

Later, Abrams started to refine his instrumentation by installing a variable resistor or rheostat in the middle by cutting his 6ft long wire in half. He thus measured accurately the actual resistance in ohms of different diseases, viruses and microbes. Abrams called this discovery the Electronic Reaction of Abrams (ERA) and this instrument later came to be known as the 'black box'. In the next development, he tested remedies and determined which ones neutralised the disease radiation in the ERA. Eventually, Abrams invented the Oscilloclast, first radionics instrument, capable of reproducing calculated electromagnetic energies by opposing the resistance to the radiation of diseases. The healing RF electromagnetic pulses, to which the patient was subjected, had the effect of nullifying the radiation of the disease itself, thereby effecting the cure. He then established that a drop of patient's blood served equally well as a witness in the ERA. He invented a dynamisor to concentrate the radiation emitted by the drop of blood. The dynamisor was in fact a radiation condenser or energy condenser. We may summarise Abram's contribution as follows: -
1.All matter emits radiation that is unique to each substance/object.
2.This radiation is electromagnetic in nature.
3.In human beings, this radiation affects the nervous system through which information travels.
4.This radiation is influenced by the energy field of thought, which is of the same nature as magnetism.
5.Thought transmits energy of the same nature as the ERA effect and this energy can be modified by colours or by the presence of a magnet.
6.The interference between the electromagnetic field of the earth and the electromagnetic field of an individual can be identified and measured radionically when the individual turns through 360. It is the resultant of these interacting forces, which create the energies and the resistance. Everything may therefore be symbolically inscribed and expressed in the 360 of a circle.

Saxton Burr is not directly linked with radionics but his findings formed a scientific foundation for future research. He established that space is filled with electro-dynamically visible and invisible fields emitted by living beings and which he called Life-fields or L-fields.

He developed a highly sensitive micro-voltmeter to demonstrate that these L-fields can be identified by means of electrical intensity gradients. These electromagnetic micro-fields are organised and maintained by larger fields and they in turn by even larger fields in an ever-increasing system just like in Russian dolls until the galaxy and God are incorporated. He concluded that the entire universe is supported by a unique L-field in which all apparently separated things are linked to the whole.

Ruth Drown, a chiropractor, became the immediate successor of Abrams who died in 1924. She had no scientific or medical training but made remarkable contribution to Radionics. She has to her credit three major firsts: -
1.She made new improved radionics instruments in which she was the first to incorporate the stick pads (explained in 4.2).
2.She was the first to use distant treatment or radiotherapy using a blood spot or other witness.
3.She was the first to obtain photographs of internal organs of patients by means of a radionics camera. Incidentally radionics photography was later practised in Oxford by George & Marjorie De la Warr who obtained a photograph of an aconite flower by putting an aconite pill into this piece of instrument.

The healthy subject's abdomen, which formed part of Abrams' instrument, was replaced by a rubber diaphragm or 'stick pad' as an integral part of the radionics instrument devised by Drown. Thus an experienced and sensitive operator was able to feel the stickiness in his fingers when rubbed over the pad. Ruth used this technique with great success in expanding the rate tables for anatomy and diseases, started by Abrams.

Ruth Drown also established that radionics is based on vibratory or 'radio-active' principle, which states that everything in this universe, emits a unique vibration. Ether, which is filled with universal energy, is the common source from which all vibrations emanate. These vibrations exist irrespective of space or time i.e. vibrations of every single thing is present everywhere. One simply has to tune into it and capture it from the ether and allow it to pass through the radionics instrument to treat a patient at a distance.

George De la Warr was known as the true father of British Radionics in the early 1940's. Born in 1904, a civil engineer, he was a tireless worker for the cause of radionics until his death in 1969. His major contribution was his decision to insert a bar magnet into the diagnostic instrument because on rotation, the magnet had a stabilising influence. He established a laboratory for radionics research and treatment in Oxford where he developed what came to be known as a Base 10 radionics instrument.

In early 1960's, De la Warr worked on a new form of radionics that involved the use of reflected sound waves. He designed and built an oscillator to produce sound frequencies, which were then transmitted and bounced back to a sonar detector. At this time, he received a letter from a veterinary surgeon. There had been a succession of mysterious deaths of dogs, sheep and cattle in the countryside in his vicinity. It was serious as animals were dying in agony. His wife Marjorie, after speaking to the vet on the telephone, concluded intuitively that a poison called fluoro-acetate was responsible for these deaths.
Following her hunch, Marjorie worked out dial settings (rates) on her radionics instrument for a number of poisons. Both George and Marjorie went to the fields and worked from the top of the boot of their car. As George rotated the sonar device, his wife operated the dials. She got a very strong reaction to one dial setting when the device was pointed in the direction of the cattle. This rate registered on the dials confirmed the presence of fluoro-acetate not only in the cattle but also in the surrounding grass. When the device was pointed towards a pesticide factory about a quarter of a mile away, the same was indicated.

The important thing to remember is that the vets and scientists from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries had given up on this case. After the findings of De la Warr, the scientists came back and weeks later they arrived at the same result. These experts were eventually able to confirm that a stream besides the pesticide factory frequently flooded the low lying area and that water in ponds used by infected animals contained dangerous levels of fluoro-acetate. Eventually, tons of contaminated soil was dug up and dumped in the sea, and this poison was banned from use as a pesticide. What had caused the problem for the official investigation was the fact that when De la War suggested poisoning by fluoro-acetate, it could not be determined by post-mortem examination since the substance was changed by enzymatic action within the animals? alimentary system. Perhaps more than any other natural therapy, radionics claims considerable success in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals.

Around the same time in the late 1950's, Curtis Upton who was working in agriculture developed in particular the analysis and treatment of plant, crop and soil diseases. His work involved the stimulation of plant growth avoiding the use of fertiliser and treatment of crop diseases without chemical poisoning, all on a large scale.

Arthur Young in 1955 established that energy follows thought and that the mind along with its field, is the key to radionics that therefore depends on the mental power of the operator.

Malcolm Rae was known as the father of magneto-geometric radionics in the 1970's. He put forward the idea that a numeric code called ratio and a geometric diagram are interchangeable in a radionics instrument circuit; so a card with a geometric pattern can be energised to produce the same radionics effect as that of a set of numbers.

The older instruments were called 'Base 10' since the potentiometers were calibrated from 0 to 10. However, Malcolm Rae developed a Base 44 instrument since he found that a Base 10 instrument was not accurate enough. He discovered that the energetic spectrum of a homoeopathic remedy could be represented by a simple geometric pattern. Further, one could reproduce with the help of a magnet, the magneto-geometric information from this geometric code and transfer the same by means of an instrument, into water or lactose globules where it will be held in memory. After ingestion by the patient, this magnetic information would be released into the etheric body to assist in the healing process.

David Tansley in the early 1980's put forth a correlation between subtle body consisting of energy centres (known as chakras) and the science of radionics. He demonstrated that a disease always originates in the etheric body which is directly associated with the physical body. According to him, treating a chakra allows the corresponding physical organ to function better. He also explained that the radionics technique of healing functions through the right brain whereas the conventional scientific approach functions through the left brain. According to his hypothesis, we operate in the material universe which is entirely immersed in the field of thought which is beyond time and space and it is in this dimension that radionics operates.

During the current decade, no thorough scientific research project has been launched to make an in-depth study of the fundamentals of radionics. However, recent research by Rupert Sheldrake into morphic fields, which function on the informative concept utilising the principle of resonance, demonstrates the extraordinary similarity between his findings and the phenomenon of radionics. Sheldrake concludes that morphic field is of the same nature as the field of thought. The nature of these fields is mysterious and according to modern physics, they are more fundamental than matter.

4.2 Practical Radionics

The Radionics Association of UK, which is the accepted world authority in this field, has provided the following definition of radionics: 'It is a method of healing at a distance through the medium of an instrument or other means of using the ESP faculty.' In this way, a trained and competent practitioner can discover the cause of disease with in any living system, be it a human being, an animal, a plant or the soil. Suitable therapeutic energies can then be made available to the patient to help restore optimum health.
In all the procedures for making remedies in the search for Universal purity, only one law is respected : Law of Similar Vibrations. To be similar, is to approach as closely as possible the perfect image, to be faithful to the symbol which represents the same thing and this is the case in radionics. It is an experimental fact shown over a 100 years ago that action at a distance on living beings is possible by using appropriate instruments; this phenomenon of non-material nature can be induced by the thought of the operator. The same phenomenon is discussed in experiments done on sub-atomic particles of matter, which show that the mind of the operator can influence the experimental results.

This radiance or non-material aspect of this living world can be represented in terms of coded information, e.g. by means of a symbol, geometric pattern, number, colour, sound or prayer. A new science, which analyses all these subtle waves, is at present emerging. It is based on the magnetic coding and geometric representation of all vibrations. This research and development on waves gives rise to a very particular therapy where one can reproduce the original vibration of any healthy body part or a substance and by discharging its information, induce this healing vibration into a medium : liquid or solid. Water acts as a neutral medium to contain these vibrations (since the human body consists of 70% water) but in practice more often than not, these are transferred into solids such as sugar pills (usually lactose or glucose) which are handy to dispense to patients. This procedure is referred to as vibration healing. In true radionics, however, these vibrations are transmitted directly to the patient at a distance.

From the turn of the century, many researchers set out to discover and to define fundamental vibrations of life for everything that exists e.g. human body parts, basic elements, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, salts, etc. Similarly, diseases have their own vibrating frequencies, usually known as rates. In radionics one of the following two methods is employed:-

1.Numerical Code Method: In this system, the RATE of a substance is represented by a numeric code consisting of a series of numbers up to eight, each between 0 and 9 e.g. rate for the eyes is 3, stomach 32, skin 101 and retina 1724; cyst 60657, encephalitic meningitis 20 2244 and lumbago 40 599 193. These rates were discovered by using the stick pad, which is a small piece of equipment consisting of a rubber membrane stretched over a resonance box. One rubs 1 or 2 fingers across this membrane while turning a series of potentiometers, which form a circuit with this resonance box. The first figure of the rate is determined by the position of the potentiometer (which is any number between 0 and 9) at the time when the finger sticks to the membrane. This process is repeated with a second potentiometer, which gives the second figure of the rate. Then a third, a fourth and so on until there is no longer any sticking effect.

2.Geometric Code Method: In this system, the RATE of a substance is represented by a geometric code consisting of a number of equal partial radii emanating from the inner circle which is part of a set of seven concentric circles. The position and the number of radii is determined using the basic radiesthetic pendulum.

Today a radionician has access to a vast amount of knowledge in terms of numeric and geometric codes for practically everything. These are available for all homoeopathic remedies, nosodes, biological and anatomical structures, diseases and functional disorders, hormones, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals and biochemic salts, as are for all acupuncture points, colours, precious stones, herbs used in ayurveda, chakras, meridians, subtle energies and bodies. For agricultural radionics, the rates of soil, plants, basic elements, toxins and poisons, pollutants and metals have all been determined with great precision. For the veterinary art, the rates of diseases of the main domestic animal races, feline, canine, equine as well as the anatomical structures of these animals have been determined.

4.3 Radionics Analysis

There are various instruments that enable a therapist to analyse his patients' energies. The latest device based on magneto-geometric principle was invented by Malcolm Rae according to which an abstract geometric pattern releases a wave form whose influence can be measured in the field of a circular magnet. By inserting an appropriately coded magneto-geometric card into this instrument, the therapist measures the extent to which the biological functions are affected, with the aid of a basic radiesthetic pendulum. This is called a patient's degree of pathological deviation of a function from perfect health function and it can be simply measured by anyone with proper training and skill. Similarly, an analysis of chakras in relation to the nervous centres and the endocrine glands is arrived at, thus indicating the degree of deviation of the patient's energy structures along with causes of these deviations. These may be simple inflammation, congestion, allergies, traumatic or emotional shock, stress or toxins from a childhood or past disease, thus preventing proper energy circulation in the body.

A radionics analysis is not a medical diagnosis. It only reflects the subtle energies of pre-matter, responsible for giving life to all our psychological and bodily functions. Since emotional and mental imbalances originate in the etheric body, the results of these analyses are sometimes surprising and completely different from the biological analyses e.g. blood or urine analysis; so, frequently patients are treated for anger, jealousy, lack of confidence, vanity or sorrow through a chakra balance. In a recent scientific discovery, when the hologram of a horse's tail hair was enlarged 200 times, the entire horse was visible! It simply implies that a part represents the whole. 'All is in all' i.e. man is the microscopic representation of the universe. It is therefore not surprising that a piece of patient's hair or a drop of blood is used as a witness in a radionics analysis.

5.Vibration Healing vs. Homoeopathy

In order to compare the two therapies, one requires a basic understanding of the principle of homoeopathy, a brief explanation of which now follows.

Two hundred years ago, a distinguished German medical practitioner by the name of Samuel Hahnemann was frustrated by the practice of allopathy because he did not see any definite pattern. So, he started experiments with cinchona bark, which was then the only substance known to cure malaria. He found by consuming large quantities of cinchona bark as a healthy subject that he developed symptoms of malaria. This of course came as a big surprise to him but he knew inside that an unknown phenomenon was working at a deeper level. When he took cinchona in a diluted form, symptoms of malaria started to lessen. He called it similia similitus curentur, i.e. like cures like. Cinchona produced symptoms of malaria when taken in gross form but the same substance when taken in a diluted form, eliminated those symptoms. This is the 'law of similars' and thus homoeopathy was born into this world. He discovered further that the more a remedy is diluted and shaken, the more effective it becomes. This is so because the process of shaking awakens the inert power lying dormant in the substance. The greater the dilution, the higher the energy level of the resultant mixture, because more energy is released at higher dilutions and hence greater the power or potency of the remedy.

With the help of a large number of healthy volunteers, whom he persuaded to consume large doses of crude substances such as plants, flowers, minerals, compounds, poisons, etc., he compiled a complete list of all symptoms, which they experienced for each substance. This collection of symptoms for different (over 2000) remedies is known as the materia medica. A homoeopath matches all the symptoms of a patient against a list of these symptoms to arrive at the correct remedy for the patient. The remedy in its gross form is then diluted and shaken mechanically; this mixture called the potentised version is then taken as the medicine by the patient.

5.1 Scales of Potency

Hahnemann propagated mainly two different scales of dilutions. The X (or D) potency refers to a dilution level of 1: 9 and the C (or CH) potency to a dilution level of 1: 99.
a.'X Potency': 9 drops of alcohol are added to 1 drop of the gross substance and this when succussed for three hours makes 1X potency. If one drop of this mixture is added to 9 drops of alcohol and succussed for 3 hours, the resulting mixture is called 2X potency. By repeating this procedure of 1 drop of a potency being diluted with 9 drops of alcohol and succussed, we get the next higher potency.
b.'C Potency': This is made in exactly the same way as the X potency, except that instead of adding 9 drops, we add 99 drops of alcohol.

Since the Avogadro's number is 6 x 1023, it is evident that in a potency of 12C or higher, there may not be any trace of the original substance left. So, it is the imprint of the original substance or its vibration that is in fact responsible for the cure. It was further established that even at very low potencies, gross substance does not play any role in the healing process and that the energy pattern of the remedy ingested by the patient brings the etheric body into equilibrium, thereby effecting the cure. In essence, therefore, vibration healing works in the same way as homoeopathy and in fact it could be classed as an extension of homoeopathy.

5.2 Method of making Potencies

In homoeopathy, potencies are traditionally made, starting with a gross substance, by the dilution and succussion method. However, in vibro-healing we utilise a radionics instrument based on either the numerical rates or the geometric cards. As rates for every known thing are available today, corresponding vibrations can be readily prepared in any desired potency, since all radionics instruments incorporate potency meters. In the recent past, some homoeopaths have started using radionics instruments for preparing potencies of homoeopathic remedies, since they offer the following advantages over the conventional dilution and succussion procedure: -

a.It is very much less time consuming and even very high potencies can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

b.No storage space is needed except for the instrument which itself is quite small. Even if you choose to keep samples of all homoeopathic remedies, only one potency needs to be stored since all other potencies can be readily prepared from a single potency with the aid of an instrument.

c.Potencies can be repeated exactly in a radionics instrument, which may not be otherwise possible; uniformity is difficult to maintain with dilution and succussion procedure.

d.Quality of potency, measured in terms of shelf life and effectiveness of a remedy has been found to be better.

Hahnemann taught: 'One dose and wait. It may work from 1 day to 50 days in the system, so wait and see.' Working Hahnemann's way, provided all the patient's symptoms are matched with that of the remedy, this ONE remedy clears all the toxins and cures all. A classical homoeopath has the tedious job of choosing a remedy from the materia medica and as it can take a long time to arrive at the correct remedy, he is not able to treat properly more than 2 or 3 patients in a day!

5.3 System of Homoeopathic Mixture

Swami Narayani qualified and registered herself as a homoeopathic practitioner in Durban, South Africa in the mid-1960's under the guidance of Swami Venkatesananda (a follower of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh), even though, like Swami Sivananda, she was a qualified allopathic doctor. She found it difficult to cope with the large number of patients visiting her homoeopathic clinic; so she started mixing homoeopathic remedies, either those predominantly working on the same internal organ or the ones which were suitable for curing a particular disease. In this way, Swami Narayani and her colleague Swami Ananda have catalogued 215 mixtures, described in their Vibrionics Book of Healing. There are many homoeopathic mixtures prepared by other practitioners but Swami Narayani's mixtures are the most comprehensive and these have proved their worth for over a quarter of a century. Many of these mixtures are very general in nature and refer to a bodily area of the problem so that an accurate diagnosis is often not necessary. Even persons without any medical background can easily select an appropriate mixture. As the rates and geometric cards for these mixtures are now readily available, these can be prepared in any radionics instrument in a matter of minutes. We make extensive use of these mixtures in our vibration healing work. In addition, we treat with vibrations of single body parts, chakras, meridians, gems, bowel nosodes, Bach flower remedies, etc., all made in a vibration healing potentiser.

6.Malcolm Rae's System of Healing

In our teaching courses as well as in our clinics, we utilise one of the simplest and a very effective method of vibration healing based on Malcolm Rae's magneto-geometric cards. An example of such a card is shown in Fig 1. The title of the card which may be the name of a disease to be cured, an organ to be balanced or simply a homoeopathic/Bach flower remedy etc is displayed in the left half of the top bar, whereas in the right half is shown the card number and the recommended potency of that vibration. A typical potentiser is shown in Fig 2. It consists of two wells : an OUT well for making remedies and an IN well for keeping samples. Having inserted an appropriate card in the slot underneath the IN well, the potency of the vibration being made is set on the potentiometer located between the two wells. Water, being the best carrier of these vibrations, becomes fully charged after one minute of placing it in the OUT well whereas solids (e.g. sugar pills) take longer.
In the case of diseases where none of the cards appears to work or a suitable card is not available, it is an extremely simple procedure to make an individualised nosode. One just potentises an appropriate sample comprising a liquid discharge from the patient's body such as urine, sputum, phlegm, puss or blood, depending upon nature of the illness. We have had considerable success with treatment using these nosodes. Further, nosodes made from allopathic drugs are being prescribed in some cases as substitutes for the drugs themselves. In other cases where patients are suffering from allergic reactions due to allopathic medicines or any food item or indeed any other substance (e.g. dust, pollen etc), nosodes prepared from such allergens have been highly successful in eliminating such adverse reactions from the system. Nosodes are also being made from homoeopathic & ayurvedic medicines, herbs, minerals or from virtually any substance.

6.1 Distant Healing

The crux of radionics is distant healing. 'How does it work?' is the most frequently asked question and there appears to be no scientifically convincing answer. However esoteric science believes that all the characteristics of a person are contained in his witness. The most commonly employed witness is either the patient's blood spot taken on an absorbent paper or a lock of his hair. In some cases, a photograph of the patient or even his signature has proved to be a sufficiently potent witness! The witness is placed in the OUT well of a potentiser and it is bombarded with a healing vibration coming from a chosen simulator card placed in the slot underneath the IN well. As the witness changes due to the absorption of healing vibrations, so does the parent in tune with the witness because it has been found that the witness and its parent must be in harmony at ALL times. Using a single potentiser, a radionics practitioner usually treats many patients one after the other, each witness receiving its appropriate vibration, by broadcasting for ten minutes, this being the equivalent of one oral dose.
It may sound extraordinary but experience shows that some patients can feel the beneficial effects immediately one starts to broadcast a remedy whereas others have a warm feeling or some may not feel anything at all. A case has been reported of a lady who felt an osteopathic adjustment to one of her spinal vertebra accompanied by a loud click soon after the commencement of her radionics treatment. The fact that the healer involved in this case was an osteopath may have something to do with this occurrence!

6.2 Other Applications

Radionics, more than any other natural therapy, indeed claims considerable success in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals. It would be extremely difficult to prove that either diagnosis or treatment had taken place owing to the fact that the practitioner is miles away with only a witness from the animal to work with. So many medically unqualified people with training in radionics have adopted this therapy. There are radionicians who specialise in treating horses or dairy stock and others treat domestic animals exclusively. They are all kept very busy by farmers, breeders and indeed veterinary surgeons themselves.
A student of Royal Agriculture College in UK included in his research paper details of radionics treatment in livestock management and its use in relation to the improvement of crop yields by stimulating nutrient uptake from the soil and also the control of pests in crops. Another special area where radionics is often employed is in determining the condition of agricultural and horticultural soils and also in suggesting ways of treating any deficient soils. The treatment can be applied to very large areas by making use of local maps.

7. Conclusion

Vibration healing is an alternative method of healing and being a holistic system, it acts on the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes there may not be any signs of physical improvement yet the patient feels better inside and this is due to the mental and spiritual aspect of healing. In addition to giving treatment based on symptoms, one tries to establish the hidden cause of illness such as infection, injury, shock, fear, tension, stress or other disturbed mental state. In this way, ailments can be eliminated from the system more effectively without tendency to recur. Frequently there is one basic cause or factor which is fundamental to ill health; when this is identified and corrected, the curative work is then completed by the patient's own natural healing forces. As a matter of fact, vibro-healing has registered its most spectacular success in cases of chronic complaints, which have not been cured and often not even eased by conventional medicine.
Since the disease originates at the etheric level, one gives vibrations of healthy organs in order to clear any energy blockages and thus to achieve a harmonious pattern in the etheric body. The physical body that is intimately connected with the etheric body will, in due course, be able to reflect this healthy state of being. Radionics rates as well as simulator cards are available for practically any disease. Therefore, even people without a medical background can easily and confidently prepare these vibrations. Because these vibrations are totally harmless, lay people can administer them with confidence, usually with excellent results. Of course there are no side effects whatsoever from these vibrations since no gross substance is added.
In radionics, vibrations are transmitted to a patient at a distance by utilising his 'witness', which always stays in harmony with its parent. However, whenever practical, it is recommended that vibrations be administered orally to patients since oral treatment is generally regarded as being more effective than its distant counterpart. Finally it may be mentioned that these vibrations have been found to work better in the case of children and animals than in adult humans. This may be because the latter can interfere, using their mental power consciously or otherwise, and thus partially block these vibrations from working at their optimum efficiency.

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